Our Story

Our Story

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Manday Grooming was started by 2 dudes out of necessity. For years, neither could find a hair pomade or clay that was strong enough to hold their hair and keep up with their busy lifestyles. After spending hundreds of dollars searching for the perfect pomade and not finding anything that made the cut, Shon Noda and Evan Ward embarked on a mission to formulate a strong hold, natural hair pomade of their own.

In December 2016, Manday Grooming Inc. launched their original N.A.F. (Natural As F#%k) Matte Pomade and traditional handmade bar soap at a local Christmas market. After selling out of their soap and pomade with rave reviews and requests for additional products, the dudes realized they were onto something and went back to the Manday lab to take a big step towards their dream of having their own men's grooming line.  

Fast forward to 2018 and the dudes have expanded their lab, grown the product line, and developed a reputation for quality and innovation in natural men's grooming products. 

Every Manday Grooming product is a tribute to a member of the Manday Security Counsel; the name of our group of friends who meet up once per week to catch up, get weird, and talk all things man. Every one of our products has an unique story behind it and immortalizes the good times we have together in the form of high quality gentlemen's grooming products.

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