The Manday Story

Manday Grooming was started by us (Evan Ward and Shon Noda) out of our mutual need for better hair products great hair products that kept up with our lifestyle. We wanted products that worked better than anything we had tried, using as may natural ingredients as possible. After 1.5 years of research, development, refining our craft, and going to a few markets we decided to share our great products with the world.

What started as 2 guys making pomades in a kitchen condo in 2016 has slowly turned into so much more. 

When we got serious and turned Manday into a company we wanted to make sure we did things different and better than anything else on the market. We chose to base our company and products on these principles:

Tested on dudes, not dogs.

We don't do animal testing on our products. We don't use any animal biproducts such as lanolin or beef tallow in our products. We don't purchase from any suppliers that perform animal testing. Manday is Certified Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny International. You can check out our listing here.

Men's grooming products with a clean conscience.

As many things our products have, there's also things they don't. Made with natural ingredients whenever possible, all Manday products are over 85% natural, most are over 95%. We don't use any phthalates, parabens, petroleum, SLS, or artificial colours. We don't use anything we don't have to, just what you need to get better hair, beard, and skin.

Hemp-powered cosmetics.

We believe hemp is the future. Not only because it is great for your hair and skin, it's also great for the planet. Hemp is the fastest & most effective carbon sequestration mediums, capturing atmospheric carbon more effectively than forests. It also produces many carbon-negative biomaterials, both providing benefits to our environment and our future. By using more of it and raising awareness of it's benefits, we hope to increase adoption and acceptance of hemp. P.S Our hemp is also locally sourced so we support local businesses and our ingredients don't have to travel far to get from raw to retail. 

Stay weird.

As every person has their own unique style and personality, we created our products to be the same. We create products to help you stay groomed and show your unique style in a world where conforming to the norm is all too easy. 



1. (noun) an industrial unit of production equal to the work one person can complete in a day

2. (noun) a grooming company based in Canada that hand-makes high quality cosmetic products for men

3. (noun) a day or occasion dedicated to the gathering and reconnecting of a close group of friends to catch up, share knowledge, tell stories, and have a few cold ones

Like you, we choose the path less travelled because we want to live nothing less than an extraordinary life. The late nights, the hustle, the trial and error, the sacrifice. We can't even count the number of mandays that have been put into building Manday Grooming. While times get tough and obstacles stand in our way, we keep pushing to create a movement bigger than ourselves and bigger than the products we make. 

We hope that the fruits of our labour not only help you stay well-groomed, but also serve of a constant reminder to be unapologetically true to yourself, embrace your weird, and continue to share your style and light with the world during your journey in life.


Evan & Shon