The Manday Story

The Story of Manday Grooming



Manday Grooming was started by Evan Ward and Shon Noda out of their mutual need for better hair products that helped their hair style keep up with their lifestyles. What started as 2 guys making pomades in a kitchen condo in 2016 has slowly turned into so much more. 

We named our company "Manday" after the tradition we started with our long time friends of meeting every Monday to catch up, connect and of course, have a few cold ones. Although our lives have become busier and Manday doesn't occur every Monday, the important parts of Manday still remain...Friendship, connection, sharing of knowledge, and the reminder to take life seriously, but never take yourself too seriously. 

We value our experiences and friendships so we wanted to immortalize our crew through our passion of creating damn good, hand-crafted natural men's grooming products. The faces on each of our products and the products themselves represent different members of our crazy crew, our amazing customers, and people who support us on this journey that is Manday Grooming. Just as every person has their own unique style and personality, we created our products to be the same with the hope that they will empower the person to continue to celebrate their unique style and stay weird in a world where conforming to the norm is all too easy. 

Like you, we choose the path less travelled because we want to live nothing less than an authentic, extraordinary life. The late nights, the hustle, the trial and error, the sacrifice. We can't even count the number of mandays that have been put into building Manday Grooming. While times get tough and obstacles stand in our way, we keep pushing to create a movement bigger than ourselves and bigger than the products we make. 

We hope that the fruits of our labour not only help you stay well-groomed, but also serve of a constant reminder to be unapologetically true to yourself, embrace your weird, and continue to share your style and light with the world during your journey in life. #StayWeird

We invite you not only to meet the Manday Crew, but to be a part of the crew and join the movement. You never know, you may even find yourself on the Manday product that speaks to you one day soon. Just like each person on the label of our products and the products themselves have their own story which can be found on each of our product pages. Our biggest hope is that our products can be part of your crazy story. 

Cheers mate, 

- Evan & Shon



1. (noun) an industrial unit of production equal to the work one person can complete in a day

2. (noun) a day or occasion dedicated to the gathering and reconnecting of a close group of friends to catch up, share knowledge, tell stories, and have fun