C4 Parfum

Similar to a rare scotch, each batch is matured for different time periods with a very limited number of bottles available. Both factors (maturation dates and number of bottles available) are noted in the dropdown above. 

Concentrated essential oil parfum.

A distinctly masculine and complex Parfum that evolves with time and lasts all day. Our signature "C4" gets it's name from the unique essential oils we used to create this #1 selling scent; Cognac, Cigar, Cedarwood & Coffee.

Handcrafted & aged in small batches.

We age our parfum for a minimum of 9 months to develop complexity and layers of the scent, this also ensure it lasts longer when it is applied. Since our C4 Parfum is more concentrated than most other Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne fragrances only 1-2 sprays are needed to get the job done. There are limited numbers of parfum poured so once it is gone, it's gone until the next batch is ready.

Cognac, cigar, cedarwood & coffee.

Upon first impression, notes of fresh rolled cigars, cognac, and leather intoxicate the senses. As time goes on the parfum displays it's complexity with lasting essences of cedarwood, chocolate, and coffee. A hint of zesty lemon and sprigs of dried lavender perfectly balance and brighten. 

- Perfumery Alcohol
- Manday Proprietary Essential Oil Blend
- Aqua

A parfum is the name given to the most concentrated fragrances which contain the highest percentage of essential/perfume oils and the lowest percentage of water and alcohol. Parfums last longer and are typically more rare due to their high concentration of essential/perfume oils which are more expensive to make compared to other fragrance types, parfum also has a longer shelf life.

Different classification of fragrance types from most to least concentrated:

- Parfum - Most concentrated amount of essential/perfume oils. Lasts 12 hours+

- Eau de Toilette - Middle of the road concentration. Lasts 6-8 hours

- Eau de Cologne - Lower concentration essential/perfume oils. Lasts up to 4 hours

- A little goes a long way
- Start with less than you would use of other colognes or commercially available fragrances.
- Apply to pulse points on wrists & neck
- Enjoy the attention