Why Hemp?

We are proud to use Canadian-grown cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil as well as other hemp derived materials in all Manday Grooming products. 

While many companies have started adding hemp to their products in order to catch the latest trend or be a part of the hemp craze, Manday Grooming has used hemp in each of our men's grooming products before it was cool. When looking at our formulations you will see it's one of the highest percentage ingredients we use in many of our products because of it's amazing benefits for the skin and hair, supporting Canadian farmers, and its environmental sustainability.

    Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Skin & Hair:

    • Regulates oil production in the skin
    • Helps improve strength and health of the hair and scalp by providing adequate nutrients and moisturizing
    • High in antioxidant vitamins including Vitamin E, C, some B-Vitamins, & Carotene
    • High in Omega-3 fatty acids helpful in reducing skin inflammation and irritation
    • Low comedogenic value - moisturizes the skin without clogging pores like other oils
    • High minerals including Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, & Zinc 

    Supporting Canadian Farmers

    All of the hemp we use in our products is grown, pressed, and processed in Canada by Canadian farmers. We are proud to be able to work closely with hemp farmers in Western Canada to provide the raw hemp material that are used in all Manday Grooming products. Working closely with the people who grow our raw materials not only helps maintain quality and regular supply but also support Canadian industry from raw materials to the finished retail products. 

    Environmental Sustainability

    While there are many benefits to using hemp for your hair and skin there are also many environmental benefits to growing hemp compared to growing other commercial crops and even agro-forestry for carbon sequestration. 

    One hectare of industrial hemp can absorb 15 tonnes of CO2 per hectare - more than any crop or forest. 

    The rapid growth rate of hemp (growing over 10 feet in approximately 100 days) makes it one of the fasts CO2 to biomass conversion tools. 

    Hemp is also useful in phytoremediation of soil by leaching contaminants, preventing erosion, and minimizing the need for herbicides or pesticides between harvests - making it a great rotational crop in agriculture. This is due to the natural resistance hemp has to insect pests and predators as well as it's root system preventing the growth of unwanted weeds.