Why ManDay?

While many companies make men's grooming products, there are many things that make ManDay different.

We keep it local.                                                                              


When you purchase a product from ManDay you can take pride in supporting many local companies in Calgary and across Canada (when we can't find it local). We source high quality Alberta Bee's Wax from a reputable bee farm, use a local printing company to print our labels, and source many of our raw materials from the most reputable raw material companies in Calgary and Canada. Each time you support ManDay, you are supporting many other local companies that we rely on for quality products and services. #supportlocal



We do it all.

From deciding what goes into making our products to creating our logo and packaging, we do it all! We are passionate about ensuring all of our customers get the highest quality product and the best customer experience. We maintain control over all aspects of our product development so as to ensure everything maintains our highest standards of quality. 

We can help. 

When you have a question about a ManDay product you are directly getting in touch with the dudes who created the products so you can get the lowdown on everything. From why we use certain ingredients in our products to what's coming up next, we love connecting with our awesome customers!

Have a question? Click here to contact us and get in touch. Or visit the MANDAY Instagram and ask your question in the comments below one of our posts.