Manday Dope Soap is Back in Stock!

Posted by Evan Ward on

We know, we know. It was gone for way too long. After some exciting updates, we can finally be pumped that our soap boxes arrived and our soap is officially back in stock!

Same soap, but better. 

You'll notice a few differences compared to the soap you're used to. Here's what has changed:

  • New boxes
  • Addition of a new scent to the line up (launching July 7)
  • Completely REMOVED PALM OIL and REPLACED IT with HEMP to make it even more DOPE!
We still have the same core scents (C4, Wild, Lemon Haze) and the same great ingredients which make our soap dope, with the exception of palm oil. These are back in stock and available HERE & NOW for purchase.

Why is palm oil not so dope?

Palm oil plantations cover more than 27 MILLION HECTARES of the Earth's surface (that's over 66 million football fields without the end zone). The demand for palm oil results in a significant amount of desforestation of tropical rainforests, that's no good. It also displaces Shon's favourite animal, the Asian Elephant (also not good). These are a few of the many reasons we're not using in our soap anymore. (We've also never used in it any of our other products).

We happily replaced palm oil with cold-pressed hemp seed oil that's grown right here in Canada. Not only is it more sustainable and close to home, but hemp also captures more CO2 per hectre than any forest or commercial crop. 

Love the old & the new.

We know you're going to love our new, old soap even more than before. We appreciate your patience so we could make a good thing, even better. 

Check out our DOPE SOAP and be sure to come say hi to us at the Calgary Stampede Maker's Market in the BMO Centre from July 7-17!

Evan, Shon & the Manday Team

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